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SuperLuminate 1.0


SuperLuminate is the "free" open source business data dictionary application (a.k.a. metadata repository) for managing a company's data definitions, data owners, data usage, and their complex relationships.

CUPERTINO, California - August 31, 2005 - SuperLuminate today announced the general availability of SuperLuminate 1.0. SuperLuminate is a business data dictionary that provides common metadata management functionality including record and inter-record relationship support by way of a fully extensible taxonomy and schema.

A data dictionary is important to any business or organization. A data dictionary is a tool for the collection and maintenance of business and technical definitions that are classified and cataloged by subject; then related to other definitions for ease of maintenance and retrieval. These definitions are commonly known as "metadata." The metadata in a company's data dictionary plays a key role in reacting quickly to new opportunities, reducing costs, and remaining competitive.

SuperLuminate is a fully functional, web based, thin client, open source, business data dictionary application. SuperLuminate is for business end users that need to manage and share data definitions in a secure mode via the internet.

With SuperLuminate, users can easily identify and manage their company's information including:

  • Data Warehouse, Datamart, and OLTP Database Definitions and Mappings
  • Sarbanes Oxley Controls, Activities, Tests, Audits, and Deficiencies
  • Corporate and Business Unit Glossary Terms
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Business Rules
SuperLuminate has solicited input from key industry contributors from several universities and fortune 100 companies to validate the vision and implementation of SuperLuminate -- "The Open Source Business Data Dictionary."

A recent comprehensive research report conducted by Gavilan Research Associates LLC, a leading authority on metadata management applications and metadata product research, produced an in-depth report, analyzing several trends, products and vendors including the SuperLuminate business data dictionary, highlighting its unique open source architecture that enables web based metadata management for small to midsized companies.

SuperLuminate is based on an industry standard physical architecture (IRDS). A user can extend the functionality of SuperLuminate by modifying the out-of-box classification taxonomy or schema definition forgoing any need to physically change the application. Built with (LAMP) open source tools, e.g. Apache web server, MySQL database, and the PHP web scripting language, SuperLuminate combines data management concepts with advanced development methodologies to deliver a foundation for extendibility and ease-of-use. Based on a proven functional model, SuperLuminate dynamically delivers a web based user interface that enforces business rules through a data-centric approach. SuperLuminate includes a robust security model, is multi-user, compliant with a number of reporting tools, and can be easily installed on a Windows desktop, a Linux server, or even a Macintosh.

SuperLuminate is currently available, open source, and free for download via the SuperLuminate web site. Please visit for additional information.

About SuperLuminate
SuperLuminate is a company founded and funded by Data Management professionals and Open Source enthusiasts. Our vision is to provide, Data Management professionals, optimal tools that can benefit all companies, at an affordable price -- free. We believe open source technology is the appropriate vehicle for the delivery of this vision. The SuperLuminate teams' proven expertise in Data Management and application project delivery are key ingredients in making SuperLuminate a premier player in the Open Source arena.

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Patrick Nolan
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 200
Cupertino, CA 95014-2120

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