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Free Multi-User Web-Based Open Source Business Data Dictionary

We are often asked to compete in vender vetting exercises alongside major repository (data dictionary) vendors. Our response has always been the same, buy a data dictionary that meets your needs and you can still install SuperLuminate for free.

Most of the SuperLuminate users we correspond with use SuperLuminate at the department level to maintain and disseminate corporate definitions and glossary terms from their intranet websites.

With SuperLuminate you can start small and grow big with no upfront investment beyond a desktop computer connected to your company's intranet.

SuperLuminate Version 1.9.0 Release 120 (updated 14-May-2014)

New features include:

  • SuperLuminate Business Metaschema (Model)
  • Improved loading and update of MySQL database catalogs to SuperLuminate
  • Improved loading and update of Oracle database catalogs to SuperLuminate
  • SuperLuminate Lite - Integrated Web-Based Corporate Glossary
  • Apache 2.x Support
  • MySQL 5.x Support
  • PHP 5.x Support
  • See all new features...

SuperLuminate is The Business Data Dictionary (a.k.a. metadata repository) for managing your company's data definitions.

Data is a company asset; If data at you company is not easily understood by the business community, the value of that data is greatly diminished.

SuperLuminate can manage your small to mid-sized company or department's data definitions, data owners, business processes and the complex relationships that connect them together.

With SuperLuminate you can manage and easily identify your company's:

  • Database Definitions and Mappings
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Sarbanes Oxley Controls
  • Glossary Terms
  • Business Rules

SuperLuminate includes a robust security model, is multi-user, compliant with a number of reporting tools, and can be easily installed on a Linux server, a Windows desktop, or even a Macintosh.

SuperLuminate is web based, fully extensible, and  Free (open source).


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